Sarmaya Capital Real Estate Fund(s) Limited Partnership(s) (The Fund) acquires and invests in multifamily residential assets in key regions in the United States on behalf of Canadian and International investors. Sarmaya Real Estate Fund, through the Fund Manager, Sarmaya Capital Corp. (Sarmaya Capital; The Manager) looks to acquire and invest in assets that are intrinsically undervalued, have above average growth potential and provide provable cashflow and returns for investors, achieved through rehabilitation, renovation, Community Betterment and refinancing. Furthermore, investors can enjoy the ability to maintain their ownership position in the properties in perpetuity, should the assets remain within the fund.

Investors will enjoy the ability to invest in the $100 Billion US residential rental Real Estate market through the use of a professional manager, a tax efficient portfolio and without the additional cost and complexity associated with direct investment.

The cornerstone of Sarmaya Capital Corp.’s investment strategy is that of Community Betterment. This concept, of creating additional amenities, structures or services for the communities of people living in Sarmaya buildings, is based on the notion of doing well while doing good. The aim is to better the lives of the communities in which we invest while simultaneously differentiating Sarmaya investments within the marketplace and increasing overall returns for investors, in so doing. Sarmaya communities will be known as places that are well run with more services and amenities for their residents than comparable properties and we strive to brand them as such. By building and expanding this brand of Community Betterment within all Sarmaya properties we seek to find added returns for our investors upon refinancing, sale or valuation of our investments.