Community Betterment

Community Betterment

The cornerstone of Sarmaya Capital Corp.’s investment strategy is that of Community Betterment. This concept, of creating additional amenities, structures or services for the communities of people living in Sarmaya buildings, is based on the notion of doing well while doing good.

Clean, safe, well managed communities should not be a privilege, but a right and are not mutually exclusive to investor returns.

The aim is to better the lives of the communities in which we invest while simultaneously differentiating Sarmaya investments within the marketplace and increasing overall returns for investors. Sarmaya communities will be known as places that are well run with better services and amenities for their residents than comparable properties and we strive to brand them as such.

The vision of Community Betterment is to be driven by the investment while simultaneously driving the investment. More specifically, a percentage of the proceeds from the investment allocated to rehabilitation will be used to create or improve community spaces or services- driven by the investment. The aim is that in return, there will be an increase in ROI and yield, as assessed and stabilized values increase, occupancy and rent increase and tenant loyalty and retention increase- driving the investment.

The goal is to create a world class, identifiable and acknowledged brand both for tenants and investors.

The Sarmaya Community Betterment platform is based on 6 key metrics:


  1. Sarmaya Capital will not exceed 96% of current market rents in order to keep units affordable.
  2. Internally audited and reviewed annually to ensure Sarmaya stays within its mandate.


  1. Pool and pool areas (where applicable) are renovated and made safe for use
  2. Playgrounds are built, cleaned, and made safe for use
  3. Grilling Stations will be built and made accessible for all tenants to use
  4. Computer Stations- See below
  5. Dog Parks


  1. 1.5% of NOI will be allocated to local charities, food banks and community projects


  1. Up to 1/3 of Leasing Offices will be dedicated “Education Zones” with computer stations and work areas focusing on allowing youth residents to use them for educational purposes
  2. 1.5% of NOI will be allocated to an annual Residents Scholarship Program
    1. Residents will be able to apply annually for a scholarship to fund Post-secondary Education
  3. Backpack Program
    1. At the beginning of every school year, residents enrolled in school (K-12) will be provided with Backpacks and school supplies


  1. Back to School BBQ
    1. A resident’s BBQ at the end of the summer to introduce the Backpack Program annually
  2. Christmas Meal Program


  1. Gates will be installed at property entrance
  2. Security Cameras are installed on the properties
  3. Security Lighting is installed on the properties
  4. On-site Security will begin all rehabilitation projects, followed by-
    1. A Community Police Unit
      1. 1 unit will be provided at no cost to a member of the local police where possible and desired by local City Hall



  1. Decrease water consumption in Y1 by 20% with a goal to ramp up to 30%
    1. Water Meter for Every Unit
      1. Allows for precise tracking and eliminates waste
      2. Allows for targeted repairs
    2. Radio Transmitter for Every Unit
    3. Repeaters as Needed
    4. Radio Receiver
    5. Low Flow Fixtures
  2. Goal By Stabilization to achieve the following:
    1. Reduction of Consumption
    2. Efficient Appliances & Gateway Solutions
    3. Smart Irrigation & Laundry Systems
    4. Water Treatment Upgrades
    5. Tech – Smart Meters, Sensors, Modernization of Equipment etc.


  1. Decrease energy consumption in Y1 by 10% with a goal to ramp up to a minimum of 15% in Y2 and beyond
  2. Natural Gas
    1. Reduction of Consumption
    2. Building Envelope, Insulation & Roofs
    3. Furnace & Heat Pump Upgrades, Maintenance
    4. Tech – Smart Controls/Meters/Systems/Sensors, Modernization of Equipment etc.
  3. Electricity
    1. Reduction of Consumption
    2. Load Factor Improvement
    3. LED Lighting conversion on all properties
    4. Routine Maintenance to change all AC filters
    5. Building Envelope Technologies


  1. Implementing a property-wide recycling program in Y1
  2. Join local Keep America Beautiful Affiliate and engage tenants to participate with the goal of implementing the following best practices:
    1. Make recycling as convenient as, or more convenient than, garbage disposal;
    2. Implement a comprehensive promotion and education campaign involving superintendents and management as well as residents;
    3. Develop and deliver training programs to building staff and owners on how to promote and operate the recycling program – supportive and engaged building superintendents and owners are key to the success of the program;
    4. Provide incentives to building superintendents to increase recycling;
    5. Involve interested and engaged residents as recycling champions – at least one or two champions per building;
    6. Provide an in-unit recycling storage container (bags or small boxes) for each household;
    7. Provide adequate recycling storage at the central collection point (a general rule is that a 360 litre cart is sufficient for 7 units and a 4 cubic yard bin is sufficient for 60 units); and
    8. Establish a central storage area that is indoors, convenient (e.g. near laundry room or lobby), well-lit and feels safe for residents (e.g. not in dark, remote corners of deserted parts of the building).
  3. Achieve 100% tenant participation in Keeping America Beautiful Recycling program by year 3 of implementation.